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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

This Is 'VERY' Encouraging

Not sure where I found this graphic by Anna Vital but, it is so true. I've been feeling like giving up and throwing in the towel because there's so much to do and so little time to do it in. What I've got to keep in mind is all of my favorite artists, writers, singers and, musicians had to get on the grind and stay there to get good at their respective crafts. I am no different.

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Beginning of Much Needed Rest and The Search for Some Much Needed Employment

Today, I lost my one of my jobs. Technically it was yesterday but, what does it matter? It's been my main income since I left the fast food industry a several months ago. I'm kinda glad and sad at the same time. In a way, I enjoyed working there and earning the money I've been blessed to have earned. On the other hand, I now have more time to write, draw and, paint. This gives me time to devote more attention to my portfolio. I've got some prospects for where I'd like to work. And, I've got money in the bank so I'm not worried at all. R and R is what I've got planned for about a week while I look for employment elsewhere. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

David Bowie - Rest In Peace

David Bowie calls out MTV on their racism

I had no idea about this video before folloiwing the 'Now Trending' link a couple of days ago.


There's more I'd like to post about David Bowie soon.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

I didn't get to see some relatives I wanted to see for Christmas this year but, hopefully I'll see them next year. No worries.

On a different note, I haven't forgotten about my Jem and the Holograms movie rant. I've found more information about the production of the movie. I need to do more research.

I'll try to post art soon. : )

Friday, November 13, 2015

Jem and the Holograms Movie Rant Coming Soon

This rant is looong overdue seeing as I actually paid to see the Jem and the Holograms movie on November 4th. I'm not sure how I want to structure this. Whatever structure I'd like to use, I plan for at least three posts. Each having something to do with how this movie was marketed, how the movie was structured, and interviews of people envolved with the film and fans who were asked to send in videos and letters. And of course, I want to talk about the original Jem and the Holograms cartoon that this movie was supposed be based on. So, I'll wait until later this weekend to start posting about my thoughts concerning this film.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jamie Hewlett Interview

I like to surround myself with people who are honest with me about who am I am and what I'm about.


The ego is a very dangerous thing and should be kept in a box under the bed ~ Jamie Hewlett. One of my favorite comic book artists. Many years ago, I first saw Tank Girl and was instantly enamored with her and her world. Since my tween years I've been into European comics via Heavy Metal Magazine so, Judge Dredd and Tank Girl were very interesting to me.

Trying to find the moment where you're lost in your work is 'being in the zone.' He let himself get interrupted too much. My problem is I've not been disciplined enough to get those things finished.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Copyright law is about to change...
For more than a year Congress has been holding hearings for the drafting of a brand new US Copyright Act. At its heart is the return of Orphan Works.

What does this mean for artists? it means it will make it easier for infringers to steal artists works and harder for people who are making or trying to make a living out of art more difficult. This will effect every artist and all the artwork they have created, are creating, and will be created. Corporates, Big businesses, and publishers want this to pass to make money out off artists works without paying us artists for past, current, and future artwork.

The Canadian Government has already expressed interest in following suit and adapting their laws to match this proposal if this bill passes.

- Basic Facts About The Law Being Proposed -
“The Next Great Copyright Act” would replace all existing copyright law.

- It would void our Constitutional right to the exclusive control of our work.

-It would “privilege” the public’s right to use our work.

- It would “pressure” you to register your work with commercial registries. - It would “orphan” unregistered work.

- It would make orphaned work available for commercial infringement by “good faith” infringers. - It would allow others to alter your work and copyright these “derivative works” in their own names.

- It would affect all visual art: drawings, paintings, sketches, photos, etc.; past, present and future; published and unpublished; domestic and foreign.

Ways to stop this or preventing these changes from happening....

Share, reblog this post, spread it for other artists to take notice and action. - You can submit a letter on how this law can be an issue for you as an artist in the U.S.

> > > DEADLINE IS THIS THURSDAY: JULY 23, 2015 < < <

Non-U.S. artists can email their letters to the attention of:
Catherine Rowland
Senior Advisor to the Register of Copyrights
U.S. Copyright Office

I wish had read a lot sooner than today. 

The following blog is where I read this.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


These are some very rough boards I've been working on recently. Adobe Flash has been giving me some prompts informing me that it can not save my file. Somehow it actually does save the file and I can go back to using it as usual. The first panel of the third page is all wrong. I have to re-draw it. I've got a better idea. I'll adjust the camera left to end at that shot. That way the problem is solved in a much easier fashion.

Instead of continuing these boards in Flash, I will start over in Photoshop. I may start  on that tomorrow. The whole reason for drawing them in Flash in the first place is I feel more comfortable drawing in Flash than Photoshop. Yeah, I know PS is great for this kind of thing but, Flash gives me nice black lines throughout an entire stroke. PS has come a long way since I first started using it during version 6. For instance, the brush engine is a lot nicer. At any rate, there are pros and cons for using both programs to create stroryboards. I might list them some other time.

Recently, I downloaded Toon Boom Storyboard Pro from Toon Boom's website. So far it looks pretty good. I've got some online training to get up to speed on it. So, by the end of the week I should have a working knowledge of it. When I have more personal time, I'd like to create storyboard of a fight, a couple of quite moments and, some dramatic moments to use in my professional portfolio.

To a Close Friend,

MS, I have not heard from you  in a while. You asked me to create two paintings for you. I haven't forgotten. I gave you my word I would paint them for you. And, that's what I plan to do. After you read this hit me up sometime.

Eric : )

Sunday, July 19, 2015



Eric R. Watson

Some Very Important Notes To Keep In Mind Before Storyboarding.

  • ·         Go through the script. See what the story is about.

  • ·         What’s the journey the character goes through? And, how can I put that on screen?

  • ·         How can I bring out the inner qualities of a character?

  • ·         How can I bring out what this person is feeling?

  • ·         How can I interpret those things into playable actions?

  • ·         How can I turn a vague script into something playable on screen?

  • ·         Breakdown a script, determine what it’s really about and move toward that thing.

  • ·         Create a Visual Expressions Narrative for each character. (Refer the script.)

  • ·         How do I take a character through an emotional journey?

  • ·         What is their psychological make-up into playable actions?

  • ·         Design where things are located in each scene and how the lighting is set up.

  • ·         What is the choreography for every character for each scene?

  • ·         How do I design each shot to heighten the emotional effect of each scene? 
 These are just some important notes I've gleaned from Chris Oatley's Paper Wings Podcast Episode # 27: Creating a Professional Portfolio Part 1. Unfortunately, I didn't learn how to draw amazingly awesome storyboard in college. So, in addition to books I have on cinematography, storyboarding and the FLCL storyboard book I look for free resources online to learn the tricks of the trade. I'm sure there's more to creating storyboards from scripts than this; as alluded to by Justin Copeland. 

Chris Oatley's website:

Justin Copeland Interviewed on Chris Oatley's Podcast:

Justin Copeland's Deviantart page:

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Writing as a Drawing Tool

Writing as a drawing tool - yeah, that sounds weird. If you wanted to work with words, you’d be a writer, right? This isn’t beautiful writing, though. This is organizational, planning writing that I’m going to talk about. Writing out a scene beat by beat in order to outline an entire story is a good way to better understand mechanics of visual story telling. (I’ve re-written the previous two sentences for better clarity.) 

Full disclosure: I’m not a visual thinker. If I’ve only met you a few times, I recall you in terms of a general impression and descriptive words. I have no picture of you in my head. It’s kind of crazy that I’ve gotten this far in this field without a mind’s eye, but using writing as an intermediary between intention and drawing has helped me a lot. If you’re a visual thinker you probably have your own methods of working, but either way I hope this is useful. When I jump straight into boards or thumbnailing, it can be easy to get lost or forget the point of view I intended to convey in the scene. When I work straight ahead in either writing or boarding - it’s easy for me to go down the rabbit hole of possibilities. The farther down the rabbit hole you go, the harder it is to distinguish which choices are serving my goals, because this option is awesome — wait, and this one is, too. All of them are interesting and worth pursuing, and sometimes I forget where I was going in the first place. While that exploratory work is useful, it can be deadly when I’m crunched for time. Not LITERALLY deadly but, deadly to productivity for sure. So that’s where writing comes in. When I write down where the scene should end up, what each character is doing, that’s one thing I don’t have to constantly grip in my mind. I’ve got it on my notepad, and my mind is freed up to explore within the constraints I’ve set down. It all seems clear in my head, but it helps to write it down. Seeing the whole thing down on paper gives me a good look at where the disorganized areas are, so I can make adjustments. When I go straight ahead, it’s easy to tell myself I’ll figure it out when I get there… but, this brings me to another point: Writing is so, so much faster than drawing. I’m not talking about flowery description. I’m talking about basic “she goes there, he feels this, because of this she does that,” etc. You can knock this out in five minutes. Even looking at the bare bones it’s easy to see where you’re losing the spirit of your pitch. I’d much prefer to find out that I’ve lost the spirit of my pitch in five minutes than an hour later, after thumbnailing the whole thing.

Here’s another advantage: I can write down my plan, approve of it in sound mind, and have that paper with my plan for the scene or story written on it when I am:

•in the throes of self-doubt
•seduced by the compulsion to change everything at the last minute
•wondering whether this was ever a good idea and what is on TV (very subtly different from the   throes of self-doubt)

If you’re not convinced, you’re not convinced. If you are, here are some guidelines: When you’re beating out a scene, think about WHY the audience is watching - like, what do they want to find out? Think about what they probably EXPECT will happen (so you can support that) and what ACTUALLY happens (so you can surprise them with it). Write down everything that happens in the scene. Descriptive words help (because again, when you’re tired and can’t decide what the acting should be, you can look at your descriptive word and just do that). 

•She looks up, confused.
•Above: wasp nest on a tree
•Wasps buzzing around it
•She is horrified
•She runs

For an outline - for your whole story - things are a little different. A general guideline I use for writing out an outline is that each of the following gets a paragraph:

•the concept of the story
•who the main character is
•what is her place in the world
•what goes wrong (inciting incident)
•how does she try to fix it (act 1 break)
•brief description of complications (act 2)
•what really goes wrong (midpoint)
•low point
•resolution (act 3)

It seems counter-intuitive that almost half of the outline would be setup for the story, and that the end would be just one paragraph, but this really does work and make sense when you need to see your whole story in just a few pages.So next time you have a story idea, try writing some things down before you start sketching your favorite moments. Maybe you’ll like it.

(I forgot where I found this tidbit of information but, it's definitely worth including here. And, I’m not sure who to give credit to for writing this.)

I'm glad to have found this on my hard drive. Since then, I've saved this into the Adobe Flash document that I'm creating my storyboards in. Also, I have Mark Andrews Lecture Notes I copied from two YouTube videos in the same Flash document. If you'd like to see the videos and read my notes here are the links to them:

Mark Andrews Lecture part 1

Mark Andrews Lecture part 2

My Notes on These Two Videos (300dpi print quality)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

I'm Working on a Professional Storyboard Portfolio

I've been working on creating a storyboard portfolio. As you can see it's coming along nicely. The image looks a bit cramped so, I'll free up some space in it before posting the final boards.

The San Diego Comic Con is this week. Wednesday night was Preview Night. Thursday through Sunday is the actual convention. I wish I were there now. Maybe I'll post some videos from the convention posted by people who are attending it. The new Star Wars first look video is online at YouTube. After I see it I might link to it here.

Tomorrow, I might post about some of my artistic influences. Last week I started on it but, didn't finish it for this post.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Youssef Drawing Syllabus - Movement & Form by Samantha Youssef

About Samantha Youssef 


Samantha is the founder of Studio Technique, an artistic training studio specialized in the training and development of industry artists.  She is the creator of the Youssef Drawing Syllabus, a unique drawing program based on various schools of academic draughstmanship, her experience as a feature animator for Walt Disney, and her background in classical ballet where she draws upon principles of movement and posing to design a progressive and successful drawing program.

All images copyright Studio Technique Artistic Training inc. All rights reserved. 

Samantha Youssef is a feature film character animator and visual developement artist.  She is a former animator for Walt Disney Animation, and has animated and directed for Ubisoft cinematics. She is an award winner at the Toronto Film Festival for her animated short film La Fuga Grande.
Film and gaming animation studios employ her to train their artists, and she has done masterclasses for animation studios, colleges, events and conferences around the world.  Samantha has been featured in the media, including Chatelaine Magazine, Musique Plus, and Wired Magazine.
As founder of Studio Technique, Samantha offers a rich and extensive background in the arts. Her classical art background, along with her experience in feature film animation and the video game industry, has allowed her to create a unique program that offers specialized training to all varieties of artists.  She graduated from Sheridan College's world-renowned animation program, completed the Gobelins intensive program in Paris, and has studied at prestigious art academies around the world.  She is a former ballet dancer, and brings her understanding of dance, movement and physicality to her uniquely designed program of drawing and animation.
Read more at Studio Technique


Live Q&A, Demo and Critique session to celebrate the launch of the book Movement & Form, the Youssef Drawing Syllabus.

She's a classically trained animator. And, I've decided to buy this amazing book by Samantha Youssef. : )

Friday, March 13, 2015

More Storyboards

 Unintentionally, I found a Chinese movie online starring Bingbing Fan entitled Double Exposure. She also starred in the recent X-Men: Days of Future Past as 'Blink.' She's a producer, singer and a phenomenal actress. I really am impressed by the lighting and cinematography in this film. That's why I've decided to reverse engineer the shots in this movie to understand how they were put together. Yes, these are very rough. Since this is not a movie blog and I'm not posting the link to the movie. The following is a very brief synopsis of this movie.

"When Song Qi stumbles upon her boyfriend's affair with her best friend, her life quickly starts falling apart and she is subsequently drawn into a quicksand of revenge and murder. Though all is not as it seems and Song Qi will have to embark on a twisted journey into her past and the very depths of her own mind...  " - Written by Anonymous

Monday, March 9, 2015

33 Things I Need To Start Doing

These are 33 Things I need to start doing now. I need to spend less time surfing the web and more time navigating the real world. I'm here to tell ya, looking at other artist's work is a serious time drain. For the next week or so, I plan to start drawing more in my sketchbook, continue the two hundred Colors DS paintings I promised a close friend of mine. And, actually begin the paintings I promised to paint for her, and write and draw my very first 16 page comic book. Also, I plan to work on the storyboards I posted in the previous post. There's a whole list of things I've got in the works. Most of them will be evident soon and I'll keep you posted as to what those things are.

On a similar note, I've been thinking about buying a few of these sketchbooks to take with me when I go out to sketch on location. A few months ago, I viewed  'Victoria's Cal Arts Sketchbook' video. http://youtu.be/T1qtLUTxshc And, as I'm on the look out for really nice small sketchbooks I've decided to buy three of these to use with my cool brush pens. And, I've got some really nice writing pens that are great for archival purposes. I'll have to add on to this post or start another post entirely to tell you about them.

I would like to buy the 8"x6" inch version.



Friday, February 20, 2015

Storyboards - As Promised

These boards are based on a script my sister wrote for me. I'll post the rest later.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Little Freelancing Advice from an Old Pro

This is a little something I copied from an image I downloaded a while ago. The original was done in what looks like ball point pen and color pencil. I promised some art and didn't deliver but, it is coming.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

            VVVVVV  VVVVVV


Sorry, I plan to post something tomorrow.

Friday, February 13, 2015

I'll Post Something Tomorrow

I wanted to post something today but, I ran out of time to do so before having to get ready for work. Tomorrow is a better day for it anyway. This post is just a placeholder for what I really want to post.

I've been thinking about finishing this old sketch from way back when. Unfortunately, I haven't found the original .fla file.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

A painting... "Asian Girl with Flowers in Her Hair"

For some reason I can't get this image out of my head. So, after work this morning I've started painting it in PS. I've got to continue it sometime when I have a few minutes to myself. Also, I'll continue listening to my favorite 80s cartoon commentary while painting it. : )

Friday, January 2, 2015

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

DiY Studio 4°C Template

I found a storyboard from Tekkonkenkreet last night and really wanted to have one of these babies for myself. I doubt if the any Japanese anime studios give or sell any of their storyboard templates so, this is probably the closest most of us will get to having actual sheets of Japanese storyboard templates. (I've been thinking about getting a Flashkit.com account to upload these .fla files so you can use them instead of only printing the templates. There are a few drawbacks to using Flash as a storyboarding software. And, I may explain in a later post about those issues.)

The two boxes above the actual template are place holders for the Title, Date and, Studio. Here's the original image I copied to create this document.

Before I leave for Christmas I may post some storyboards here using this template. Also, it may have to be tweaked a bit since I didn't print it out to see if it will be a workable document. After I finish this post I've gotta get back on the grind.

Monday, November 17, 2014

An Old Storyboard Sequence

This is an old storyboard sequence I played around with after creating this template. Unfortunately, I didn't have a story to tell. Just wanted to sketch something and see what this would look like. Later, I'll post some polished boards. I gotta get back on the grind. I gotta stay in the cave. Ttyl! : )

Monday, October 13, 2014

Farewell Saturday Morning Cartoons

A week ago I didn't make time to write this post. Now I have. When I was growing up cartoons had a very special place in my heart and still do. During the 80s Saturday morning cartoons were a great source of inspiration for me. Without them and the cartoons I watched every weekday after school I wouldn't have imagined becoming an artist or an animator. I remember getting up early on Saturday mornings to watch Kids Are People Too which is a live action show that a host would interview famous celebrities. One celebrity was one of the girls who starred on The Facts of Life; Lisa Whelchel. The Shirt Tales was a favorite of mine. Mighty Orbots is still a great animated series even though it only had 13 episodes aired. Around the time that cartoon was on the air Galaxy High and Kidd Video were airing other NBC and ABC. Back then we only had three major stations and VCRs had just recently hit the market. So reruns were a luxury not taken lightly. Also, during this time one of my favorite cartoons aired on NBC 11:30 am but, was unfortunately preempted for sports much of the time. Jem and the Holograms helped me through a really dark part of my life back in the day. Being a young teenage boy it was not a cartoon I could tell my friends about but, I did watch it when I could. Unfortunately, I never bought the dolls or the music but, I did enjoy the cartoon. (To this day, I still can't get my best friend of over thirty years to watch Jem and the Holograms. lol!) More recently in the 90s Cyber 6 was aired on Fox Kids. This is the cartoon I got my sign on name from. Do some research for it and you'll know why it's such a great show. To understand why Cyber 6 masquerades as a guy by day you'll have to read the comics. For a while now, I've been wanting to give a more detailed explanation of my sign on name choice. That might happen around this time next week. I may do some kind of tribute to these incredible cartoons and a few others. It depends. I've got to start my professional career soon. My personal time is split between learning more about my craft and researching more stuff.

I wrote this post as a result of reading LeSean Thomas's post about this subject. 

Kidd Video
The first episode of Kidd Video.

I apologize for any bad language before you listen to the interviews.

Jem and the Holograms 
Interviews - Christy Marx Truly Outrageous Edition

Jem: The Movie = Disaster in the making?!
I've just heard the entire audio of this vlog post by Ruby Danger and visited the IMDB page and official site of Jem and the Holograms movie which is set for a 2016 release date. Christy Marx didn't write the script or was a consultant for the movie. So, in m opinion this movie will suck. Here's the link for the movie. http://jemthemovie.com/ If you'd like to see the Jem and the Holograms series you can buy it on Amazon. My sister bought this for me for Christmas a couple of years ago. Watching the entire series brought back a lot of good and not so good memories but, I'm glad I've got this box set. http://www.amazon.com/Jem-Holograms-Truly-Outrageous-Complete/dp/B005BUA1CG/ref=sr_1_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1413272076&sr=1-1&keywords=jem+and+the+holograms

Here's the IMDB dot Com page for the Jem and the Holograms movie.

And here's the official site for Jem and the Holograms movie.

Cyber Six

An Update of Sorts

I've been drawing more than usual recently. The life drawing sessions I attend are going great. Unfortunately, I can't be there tomorrow but, I plan to attend next week. The pregnant model will be posing for us. She's a great model so I look forward to drawing from her then. I would like to introduce some dramatic lighting during the session if I may. I read something about using hard back lighting and soft fill light to light the set of Bladerunner. It would be nice if Ron Doucet would post something about the compositions, lighting, and visual tempo of the movie Amelie but, with much more detail. It's another favorite film of mine.

Here are two really great and inspiring articles on Bladerunner. It's a very influential film.

 Today, I've begun making a list of directors I would like to create paintings or vector graphics of their likenesses to be finished sometime early next year. This idea has been in the back of my mind for a while now. As it is the list is about twenty-two directors long. I'll try to find some photos of Larry and Andy Wachowski before Larry became known as Lana. If possible, I'll post both paintings of Larry and Lana. There's a lot of photo researching I've got to do. The list is nowhere near being finished. There are some well known names and not so well known names in this list. I'll post it later after I've added more names to it.

I gotta go now. Ciao! : )

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jet Grind Radio Logo

Recently, I've been using Adobe Illustrator to create some vector art. And, I've been a very big fan of Jet Grind Radio and Jet Set Radio Future for some years now. In my humble opinion, JGR was the best game created for the Sega Dreamcast. It took me several months to beat the game. Then I met a five year old who told me he beat it over night. I felt kinda embarrassed to say the least. That was when I went to play the JSRF demo. Unfortunately, I've only played a demo of JSRF and not the actual game but, from what I've seen of a walkthrough on YouTube I'm impressed. That's because I don't own an Xbox system. I'm a Nintendo fan because of the home-brew painting app for the Nintendo DS Lite and it's successor that was totally overhauled to run on the Nintendo 3DS gaming system. I told a close friend of mine I would start painting about one hundred and twenty paintings on my DS in a month's time. That didn't happen but, I've started the ball rolling in that I've started using it to create some art with it again. Hopefully, I'll get an Xbox during Black Friday or for Christmas. I just finished this little hommage to Jet Grind Radio using Adobe Illustrator to trace it and Adobe Photoshop to decrease the resolution to 72ppi. Later, I may create some desktop backgrounds for my desktop and post low rez versions of them here. Looking and listening to those walkthroughs have brought back a lot of really great memories. : )

[DISCLAIMER: I've not listened to all the commentary of the videos I've embedded in this post. So, be advised there could be some bad language in them. I apologize in advance. I do not own any rights to Jet Grind Radio, Jet Set Radio Future or any of graphical designs created by their respective creators. Smilebit created both games for Sega. I'm not sure who owns these two intellectual properties now.]

Long Play Walk-throughs of Jet Grind Radio.

Long Play Walk-throughs of Jet Set Raio Future


Monday, September 22, 2014

I Plan to Post Something Tomorrow

I meant to post something before now but, I've been busy with work and other things. So, I plan to post something tomorrow. Last week, I painted digitally using my Nintendo 3DS during the life drawing session. Those paintings didn't come out so well. I may post them on my tumblr account but, not on the Colorlive website. I may take my digital video camera with me tomorrow to shoot some video outside and animate over it using Adobe Flash. Just a thought.

I posed a question to the group I draw with. (Pun intended.) My query was, "Would they like to make a book of our art and sell it online somewhere?" So far, I'm the only one enthusiastic about it. No one other than me thinks it would make money. This is a group of really great and talented artists I draw with. So, why wouldn't it sell? I think it will if we market it right.

Anywho, I've got to get something to eat and sketch. Ttyl. : )

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Two of My Biggest Inspirations... Movies and Comics

When I was very young I remember going to the movies with my older brother and sister. We went to see a movie called Jaws. From the opening sequence to the point at which I fell asleep I was riveted to my seat with my eyes glued to the screen. As young as I was then I didn't really understand anything but, how terrifying the shark was in this movie. After the film my siblings woke me up and I couldn't get that scary shark out of my imagination. A child my age then should never have been allowed to see this movie. That was in 1975. Two years later, I saw what would be the best movie of my young life. The movie was Star Wars. And, it changed everything about how I see the world. My imagination was at once ablaze with sci-fi stories. During this time I voraciously read Marvel and DC comics daily. A few years later my best friend let me read his modest collection of Heavy Metal the Adult Fantasy Magazine and Epic Illustrated. I was introduced to a host of European comics artists and American underground comix artists who I've admired for years. Cool movies and cooler comics have inspired me to be a filmmaker. My chosen field of endeavor is animation.

A couple of months ago my manger called me to come into his office before going home. I thought I was in trouble so, instead of doing so I started a conversation with one of my regular customers and forgot all about my managers request. The next time he and I worked together he gave me a black package. The contents of which are a plague and a booklet detailing what I could order for free for my dedication of service for five years at this company. I wanted one thing above all the other cool stuff that was offered. And, that one thing is a digital video camera.

I've always wanted to create something with video and now is my chance to do so. Of course, this hardware is not top of the line stuff neither is the video editing software that comes with it. You can't beat free! Later, I may get a better camera but, for now this is it. I am planning a trip to the zoo and the botanical gardens. I may upload the video online. I'm not sure if I will or not. Enough of the tangent, back to the gist!

I've been thinking about creating a stop motion short film but, didn't have a camera. Now I do. So, I'll try my hand at it.  Unfortunately, it was not designed for creating frame by frame animation. Where there's a will, there's a way.


  • Write a cool script.
  • Storyboard sequences.
  • Shoot video. Lots of video.
  • Edit said video.
  • Post cool short film online for the world to see!
  • Rinse and repeat.
Although on a more serious note, I do plan to shoot some 720p HD video with this little inexpensive video camera. Yeah, I know. That's as high as the resolution gets. Not the best but, it's still pretty good.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Scheduling Conflicts with My Two Non Creative Jobs Have Given Me Less Time to Work on My Storyboards

The scheduling conflicts of my two non creative jobs are preventing me from finishing the storyboards I had planned to post this weekend. At the moment I'm still working on the rough boards that are helping me to figure out what direction I want to take the visual narrative in. In order to show my visual thought process, I'm still planning on posting both the rough  and the finished boards here on this blog. Only the finished boards will be posted on my DeviantArt account which is my professional website for now. Someday, I may create a web presence for myself. Today is not that day.

On a lighter note. I'm learning and growing more as an artist. When I get around to it, I'll post my life drawing session sketches to my tumblr along with some other things that I've wanted to post.

Soon, I'll start using a weekly planner to plan my time so I can get tasks done on schedule. There are promises I've made to a close friend of mine I would like to keep. I've got to manage my time wisely enough to do everything that needs to be done in order to be more efficient.